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Little Black Book
Little Black Book

Steve Watson has some thoughts about where the Testing Community should be concentrating its efforts in 2018:

It’s the 1st of January 2018, and at 3pm the rain and grey skies have cleared, and a little blue sky and a few rays of sunshine appear. It’s that little ray of hope in an otherwise grey day that helps make me think of the future, and to wonder where we as an industry will be at the end of the year.

What will be have learned? What will we be doing differently? What new skills and approaches will we have adopted? How will our jobs have evolved?

I have one overriding hope for the testing industry this year, and that is to finally put aside the obsession with just one aspect of the testing craft – ‘Automation’.

via My hope for Testing in 2018… | Steve Watson – Musings of a Test Manager

I generally agree. Us testers tend to get very excited about tools and sometimes forget about our craft. The most impact we can make as testers is to prioritise our testing at those areas with higher risk, and bring our experience to use the right tools  where it matters most. Often, the right tool is the one sat behind the keyboard!

I don’t especially agree with Steve’s statement that checking isn’t testing. My own view is that checking is certainly a part of testing – a subset even – and these are the parts that can often be automated. These are the (mostly) easier parts to work on and require less effort, but they mustn’t be ignored.

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