My glorious football career could be over

Well, all good things have to come to an end, eventually. It seems that my knackered old limbs are incapable of sustaining my inelegant lurches around the football pitch. I’ve succeeded in injuring my bad knee again.

Thankfully, it’s nothing like as bad as last time, although I doubt that I’ll be able to take any further part in this season. This was my first match since my first injury and it’s not much of a surprise that I manage to twist the same knee. I even managed to do it in the first ten minutes so that I then had to spend the rest of game keeping goal. Ineptly.

Clearly my knee is not up to the twisting and turning and I should probably give it up as a bad thing. I’m certainly going to stop playing for this season and only exercise my knees in straight lines (that is, not in a twisty-turny fashion).

My Dad tells me that bad knees run in the family. He’s had operations on his from all the abuse he gave his patellas while running around the 5-aside pitch, and I have an aunt who is similarly afflicted with clicky knees.

Bizarrely, my right knee, supposedly the good one, starting to double-click this afternoon. That was a little disconcerting. No doubt I’m actually going to have to consider some physiotherapy as I’m not intending dying anytime soon and these legs are going to have to transport me about for a good few years yet.

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