MT Blacklist installed. Again.

Seeing as I’ve started from scratch again with this blog, I’ve chosen to install the latest version of Movable Type (3.01D) and this has caused a bit of a dilemma. This isn’t really a complete general user release of the excellent publishing system, but a developers release, and there wasn’t, initially at least, a working version of MT Blacklist.

However, the lovely Jay Allen has put in a huge effort to get out an emergency release of the most essential plugin that any MT user will ever need. This is potentially a little buggy, and not quite complete in it’s development, but essential to install in any MT set-up.

I initially uploaded it via the cPanel file manager interface that comes with my hosting package. This seemed to work OK, but I got a strange error when I tried using MT Blacklist:

Can’t call method “maketext” on an undefined value at ../../extlib/Blacklist/App/ line 331

I eventually reuploaded all the files within the ../extlib/* directory via gFTP on my home PC, ensuring that ASCII mode was selected. This caused my MT Blacklist to work immediately.

I’ve often had problems with cPanel doing similar things to files, especially those that are perl scripts. Always use a proper FTP tool, is what I suggest.

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