Move over Tim Henman

Sod Tim Henman and that Andy Murray kid, I’m the biggest British prospect for Wimbledon glory this year.

That’s right, I’ve been playing tennis this afternoon and I was brilliant! OK, I was complete crap but we did win our doubles 6-0 6-4 and I got two aces. I shan’t mention how many double faults there were.

I’ve kind of started the “New Year New You” think off a month late. I had a healthy breakfast (I didn’t have any cheese on my bacon baguette) then I had some salad for lunch (rice salad of some description – it was lovely!) along with some fruit smoothie and a sugar-free peach drink. For my tea I have eaten three curry sandwiches, healthily provided by Mr JS Sainsbury.

The exercise felt good and I do like to eat well. I’m not about to break away from my morning lard but I will start eating more fruit. I have a bag of apples to eat at work and some grapes here, plus I’ve bought some lovely smoothies to make up the shortfall of fruit and veg.

Now that I’ve made 13 stone for the first time ever (gasp!) it’s about time I started to look after myself a lot better.

I’m still eating pizza occasionally though. And Chinese. Plus the odd Curry.

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