Movable Type version 3.14

Just upgraded my blogging application to the latest version. Please let me know if you experience any problems with the site in the meantime. The changes have been made because of some dickend spammers that like to assault sites using Movable Type with comment after comment with such regularity that there have been occasions when that site’s server has suffered a Denial of Service attack.

I’ve also updated MT Blacklist to incorporate the latest fixes. I’m also going to be taking further action to ensure that this site does not get spammed. More details when I get round to it.

  1. I have just spent some time trying to explain to my nearly 3 year old daughter why Uncle Davey is not in the basement anymore – it has finally sunk in 24 hours after his departure and she has shed some tears at the loss of her new playmate. There is nothing like a toddlers tears to make you feel crappy about moving 3000 miles and more away from your family.
    We spent a wonderful few weeks with “Unc” and will remember the time fondly.I will miss my drinking buddy , my husband will miss the male conversation(yawn!) and the kids will miss playing with him (hence the tears this afternoon…)
    Mostly I will miss getting up in the morning to see what my daft brother had typed in his drunken condition the night before (why can’t he come home and make chip butties like a normal drunk?!)

  2. I’m going to miss all you Canucks more than you might realise. Mind you, you’ll still be able to read my inebriated postings every once in a while, you’ll just not be having to look at my pasty face the next morning 😉

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