Most Haunted Series Four – #8

This week’s venue: Wellington Hotel in Cornwall.

Not much happening again this week, what with Derek’s failure to become possessed or even many meaningful discoveries, but this episode was at least entertaining. The high points for me were the trips into the “haunted” woods, where Yvette wet her knickers when spooked by evil Simon (“It’s not fucking funny!”) and Rick and Stuart acting like frightened girls when confronted by strange noises and a mysterious shape in the brambles (which could have been anything).

The Hotel itself didn’t produce much apart from a shaking lamp and one or two noises. A séance with medium Ian Lawman was interesting – Simon started crying and appeared to be talking to a little girl, but parapsychologist Matthew Smith reckoned that this was all down to him getting caught up in the situation.

Either way, a better episode than some recent ones, even if not much ghostly happened. Richard Felix must have been gutted that there was a lack of poltergeist activity…

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