Most Haunted Series Four – #6

This week the Scooby Gang visited a small hotel in County Durham called The Manor House – a lovely looking former orphanage with a gruesome past.

Well, there didn’t appear to have been much of a gruesome past, but Derek Acorah found one anyway. He could feel the presence of a Malevolent male who had hung several people or children over the course of history, none of which was verifiable. For a change he didn’t come up with any names in this episode at all and what he did come up with was impossible to check, so you’d think this was one of the more disappointing episodes right?

Wrong – this one was a cracker and had one event that seemed rather convincing. In the early hours, Rick, Stuart and the other fat one with the goatee who’s name I can’t remember were holding a vigil in one of the bedrooms and they were getting spooked out by some flashing lights (not caught on camera). They started to goad this male spirit to show himself, and they nearly shat themselves when he appeared to! There was a huge bump which scared the shite out of the three burly guys, then for no reason at all the TV turned itself on. It wasn’t tuned into any channel, it just showed static. If there’s been a young blonde girl and ghostly voices this would have been straight out of Poltergeist the Movie!

Earlier on stuart (the other fat one with a goatee who’s name I can remember) held his own “vigual” in the basement and got a headache – so did I listening to his annunciation. The basement also held shocks for Yvette who nearly had kittens when she heard some sort of groan in her ear, something that no-one else managed to hear. The big girl.

There were orbs, there was Richard Felix going on about Poltergeists, there was a clipboard that seemed to throw itself on the floor, off camera of course. Derek got possessed and tried to throw a lamp without realising it was still attached to the wall – kind of spoiled the impact. Alternative medium Ian was more subtle and said “Fuck” a lot. It was an eventful episode and one that I enjoyed a lot, especially when Yvette started crying.

The TV incident was certainly interesting, Derek’s possession was as unconvincing as usual and Ian Lawman exorcised the house afterwards to get rid of the ghost, thus ruining any future revenue from ghost hunters and paranormal researchers.

They’ve still to catch something on camera, even after four series, but I shall wait patiently and enjoy the show for what I can get out of it. Entertainment.

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