Most Haunted Series Four – #4

This week the “intrepid” crew visited Croxteth Hall in Merseyside. It’s an impressive building, the biggest one that Most Haunted have ever visited, and so they had to spread themselves out a bit to cover a lot of ground.

There wasn’t a huge amount happening this week, aside from lots of mysterious bumps in the dark and a few orbs. Derek was particularly quiet and didn’t really come up with anything unusual, not did he get possessed and start shouting in a comedy fashion.

There were two instances of potential poltergeist activity – a candle holder fell to the ground in the Wine Cellar and a large piece of plywood fell on top of Karl in the attic – but neither were caught on camera. As usual.

Matthew Smith, resident parapsychologist and sceptic, actually took part in the vigil for once, and got pretty scared when Karl was assaulted by the plywood.  Stuart, always one to run away from the slightest noise, didn’t let us down and lagged himself when he was on a solo outing upstairs. There were a few bangs that made him cry like a girl, the wuss.

Once again, the program was entertaining, but it was hardly going to convince anyone that ghosts exist.

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