Most Haunted Series Four – #3

Last night’s episode was set at Jamaica Inn, one of the more famous landmarks for a while. It’s a lovely old building with a history of numerous hauntings. Happily, the crew had much to discover on their investigations this time.

It’s debatable how much of the bumps and noises were paranormal, but there was plenty going on. Yvette saw a ghostly face in a mirror and even caught it on camera. I couldn’t see it myself, but I’m assured that there was something there. There were orbs coming out of this mirror too, and when the guest psychic talked to the purported spirit this image of a face in the mirror faded. Very spooky.

Most fun was had in the generator room though, where Stuart made nearly everyone lag themselves. There were a series of weird noises and objects seemingly being thrown from the ceiling area – Derek gave some pointers as to who this was (some poor bloke that got hanged in there) and there were some “figures” seen, but not on camera. Then Stuart felt something touch him, he screamed and everyone ran around like shrieking schoolgirls – excellent telly.

I’m enjoying this series more for it’s entertainment value rather than for any attempts they’re making at serious ghost-hunting. I’m still not 100% convinced, especially about Derek, but I’m willing to be convinced. If only they’d catch some of the good stuff they see (like Kath seeing a shadow flit across in the background) on camera.

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