Most Haunted Live – Summer Solstice

These live Most Haunted’s are really getting on my tits. I watched about an hour of the last one at the weekend, got bored and switched over to something else.

I love Most Haunted the series, but these live programs are just complete bollocks. I caught the bit on Saturday’s program where they saw a “UFO” in the distance and Derek starting warbling about there being a spirit of a “visitor” having been present in that area. The “UFO” was quite obviously a street light in the distance and it appeared to move due to the unsteady hands of the camera operator.

I really do hope they don’t start a spin off series “Most Abducted” or similar. Mind you, that might be somewhat amusing!

Either way, David Bull is a complete waste of air. Please remove him from my TV screen! I much prefer the Bull-less series and I’ll be tuning into the new series whenever that’s out, even if Phil is no longer part of the team. Bring back Jason Karl – he was bloody good.

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