More running

I’m still managing to keep up with the regular running. It doesn’t seem to be feeling much easier, although I am getting a little faster at the almost-mile course that I have. Monday’s run took me 7 minutes and 43 seconds – that’s over ten seconds faster than my last one on Thursday. Not bad for an old fella, although I’m sure there are a few fit, regular runners that think it a bit slow.

Last night saw me doing my old three mile run. This took me a respectable 26 minutes and 51 seconds and made me feel like I was going to explode. My short run is so short that I don’t even get a chance to start sweating until I’ve finished. With this one I was over-heating like and old car with a broken radiator and it didn’t help that it was a particularly warm evening.

Still, I finished it in a reasonable time. I’ll be happier when it’s down below 25 minutes.

I was certainly much happier to discover that NTL had been and fixed our internet. I incorrectly assumed that the modem was being over-driven as it turned out that there was a lack of power instead. I’m not sure how he fixed it but something was adjusted somewhere and it started working again. Hurrah!

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