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CN Tower

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Yesterday saw us avoiding houses of ill-repute and visiting places of Canadian Culture – the CN Tower and Hard Rock Cafe (twice).

No visit to Toronto could ever be complete without a tour of the CN Tower. It’s my favourite building anywhere and it’s a truly fantastic place to visit. The view from the top is absolutely breath-taking.

Below the CN Tower is the Rogers Centre. This used to be called the Skydome until Rogers took it over a couple of years ago. The Toronto Blue Jays baseball team play here and we saw some of them practising while we ate in the Hard Rock Cafe there at lunchtime. It’s a big stadium and it was a shame that the roof was shut – it’s rather impressive when it’s open.

Oddly enough we went out with my sister and her husband in the evening and ended up in the other Hard Rock Cafe – the one on Yonge. There were quantities of alcohol consumed, but not as much as today.

Obviously England were playing today and we had tickets to a local bar to watch the game with fellow supporters. It was a good laugh and CityTV were there filming for some news segment or something – there’s a slight chance that my ugly mug may have been shown on local TV!

The game was incredibly frustrating. England had so much possession and yet failed to do anything significant with it until the last ten minutes. The introduction of Aaron Lennon seemed to have the biggest impact – Rooney had a big cheer but I think that Lennon did the most damage. England will need to play better than that if they want to win the world cup.

We have tickets for the Sweden game too, irrelevant as it is to qualification to the next round. I don’t care if we play Germany or Equador. we’re already through and we’ll have to beat some better teams to take home the trophy.

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  1. Why are all the photographs so far posted of huge phallic structures thrusting upwards ? eh ?

  2. lol

    Blue Jays are pussies that play on plastic.

    Always wanted England to play like Brazil but this isn’t how I’d imagined it. But it takes a Yorkie playing for Spurs to light things up ;¬)

  3. “Why are all the photographs so far posted of huge phallic structures thrusting upwards ? eh ?”

    Because Flickr won’t let me upload photos of large,erect cocks :rolleyes:

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