More Christmas Tunes

Yuletide is creeping into my life whether I want it to or not. Despite my determination to refrain from such seasonal celebrations for at least a few weeks, I found myself playing yet more Christmas-related music last night. I had a phonecall from Dave Wright of Ibstock Brick Brass seeing if I was available to come down for a rehearsal – they had a few cornet players missing and could do with a spare pair of lips.

So, I went down for a blow (no sniggering at the back). Of course, the time of year dictated the type of music being rehearsed and there were Christmasy tunes a-plenty on offer. One of these is possibly the most detested Christmas arrangements of all time – Christmas Swinglong by Derek Ashmore. It’s total shite but there are three catchy tunes going on that audiences can sing along to, so it always seems to get an airing.

Thankfully there were some other, much preferable arrangements to play too. White Christmas, arranged by Mark Freeh, was one such piece. Very good indeed.

There was an outing for next year’s area piece for the first section – Comedy Overture – which was quite entertaining to play, though far from funny. It’s a tricky little piece and caused me to play a few bum notes here and there due to my dodgy sight-reading.

It was worth the trip out there though – I really love to play and the people at Ibstock are a funny bunch too. Very entertaining.

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