Monster walk

I like walking. I’d much rather spend an hour walking than have a half-hour uncomfortable bus ride, although sometimes time-constraints come into play.

Today, I’ve walked downtown again. The last time I did that I missed off a large part of the harbour area, so I wanted to revisit that again, plus I decided that I was going to go to the top of the CN Tower too. I’d been up there before, but this was over six years ago on my first trip out here.

It was a lovelty day too. It was a bit hazy so the pics I took from the top reflect that, but I really enjoyed my little adventure into town. On the way back I visited one of the numerous “Chinatowns” that have formed over the years. I walked for about 5 hours in total, though some of that time was spent at the top of the tallest building and free-standing structure in the world, and another 30 minutes was spent stuffing my face full of a rather nice BBQ Beef sarnie at Pier 4.

Here’s one pic from the top of the CN Tower showing the downtown area:


It was a long old walk back but I’m sure my legs will forgive me. Once again, there are more pics in the Gallery.

I have a wicked cough at the moment, which is majorly annoying. I’m sure I’ve got this from my exposure to children, and not in the way that certain people might suggest that I would go about doing that. These little buggers expose you to all sorts of illnesses just by being in their proximity, and this is not normal for me. As lovely as they are, you can keep your strep throat and yucky linctus.

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