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Molson Brador

I’ve been drinking a bit of Molson Brador over the last couple of days. It’s a 6% malty beer of Canadian origin and doesn’t taste too shabby for a North American bottled beer, much better than the average Bud piss or Labbatt’s Blue. I note that the reviews are not too encouraging in the site that I linked to, so perhaps I’ll try a case of something else the next time I go the the beer shop. There may be a better Canadian beer.

In non-alcohol related news, we spent the best part of the afternoon today freezing to death around the streets of Toronto. We took a walk to the park and the beach, drank some coffee (Tim Horton’s French Vanilla, hmmmmmmm) and generally enjoyed the artic blast from over the lake. Bloody hell that wind was cold!

In the morning I went along to my niece’s drop-in centre (sorry, center) where my sister takes her to play with other kids, drink coffee with other mum’s (mom’s) and generally get covered in other people’s kids snot and drool. It was nice to see my niece playing and having fun, but there were far too many pre-schoolers for my delicate nerves, plus talk of breast feeding and other maternal duties is hardly the stuff of men, so I left after an hour.

This evening my sister and I went to Zeller’s, a cheapo shop for the tight-fisted/poor among us. I bought socks. Across the way was a Payless Shoe Source, where I bought a pair of boots and a pair of shoes for only $82 combined! That’s about 35 quid (really should figure out how to get a pound sign out of this damn Canadian keyboard). They’re pretty good, sturdy footwear too.

Time for sleep, these kids are wearing me out! I’ve taken some pictures that I’ll post later in the week.

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