Microsoft thoughts

You know, it’s hardly suprising that Microsoft have so many detractors. Sure, they’ve produced a user-friendly desktop environment that’s used by about 90% of the known universe, so they’re doing something right. It’s just that they seem to be trying to deliberately piss off non-MS users.

Take, for example, Hotmail. I use Hotmail for my main address – it’s a free service that’s fairly easy to use, however it would be so much easier (and more user friendly) if they stopped pissing about with Javascript. For some inexplicable reason they’ve disabled the ability to open links in a new tab in my favourite browsers (Firefox, Mozilla, Konqueror) by using the usual middle-button. Occasionally I can open in a new tab by using the right-click menu, but why would they do that? Why even use javascript on the links at all? Wankers.

It’s also really annoying how they encode all links within the emails so that they open within a new frame still “within” Hotmail, like they don’t want to let you go or something. Hello? Using a tabbed browser here! I can stay in Hotmail and visit other websites at the same time! Tossers.

It’s free, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much, but seeing as they’ve screwed up the site layout now too (after the last site redesign – it now sucks balls) I really should try out an alternative. Or just use my own mail address with this hosting.

Balls to Hotmail.

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