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I’m starting to get a bit addicted to taking photographs. I can’t help myself sometimes. If the sun comes out I seem to want to grab my camera and snap away at any old crap.

Sharing these images is easy with Flickr too. I’ve paid for the pro access so that I can have as many sets as I want and have a very generous monthly upload limit. It’s a great community site too, with loads of groups to join and (yet more) forums to post in.

I’ve joined one group that enjoys images that have been overly-saturated and I’ve decided to have a go at making some of these images myself. I’m only using ifranview at the moment, but the results are interesting even with that simple tool.

I’ll have a go with the GIMP soon too, then I might start making more complex modifications to my photos and see where we go.

And when the sun comes out I can step outside and take photos of every little thing again.

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