Merry Christmas!

I’ve had a fantastic Christmas day here in Toronto, despite the predicted early start. My youngest niece decided to wake up at 04:45ish, thus ensuring that the rest of the house was also deprived of sleep. This woke up my eldest niece, who wasn’t too impressed at the early turn of events.

We all eventually got out of bed at around 06:00. Eldest niece had to be pursuaded to come and see what Santa had brought for some reason (I’d have been already tearing open all my presents by that point at that age) but we all soon got into the swing of things.

When you’re in your mid thirties you tend not to be too fussed about Christmas presents. Don’t get me wrong, I love and appreciate my presents every year, but it’s not the same as when you were a kid. It’s all about the kids really, and this year has pretty much proved that for me. It was a joy to see them opening their presents this morning even though both of them are probably still too young to properly appreciate what is going on. It was especially satisfying to play with those toys with the girls, it was almost like being a kid again myself!

I had some rather good gifts myself this year, so if you gave me something and you read this, then thank you. My X-files and Queensryche collections have been expanded and I have some rather good Toronto Maple Leafs gear too, plus a number of other smaller gifts. I’ve been very lucky.

If I was religious I’d now be thankful for Christ’s sacrifice. But I’m not (religious that is). May whatever religious significance this holiday season has for you is, or will be, suitably worshipped – I’m in it for the family, the food and the booze.

Merry Christmas!

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