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Merry Bloody Christmas

On the way into work this afternoon I noticed a bunch of workmen putting up a “delightful” selection of Christmas decorations and associated lighting around Beeston High Street.

Great, I thought, Santa’s here!

I didn’t think that actually, I just wondered why they were putting them up already, rather than a couple of weeks before the event. I’m sure I complain about this every year, but why do they always insist on putting up all this tawdry crap so long before the end of the year? I like to enjoy Christmas, but not for three chuffing months.

Just to improve my mood while gazing at this activity it had decided to drizzle in that way that you only get in the UK, making the fact that I was using an umbrella a waste of time. UK drizzle hangs in the air like a mist, making sure that you’ll get more wet than in a downpour. Which is nice.

Hmmm, I’ve not blogged for a little while then I come up with this big whinge. Oh well, life is still good believe it or not, but Blizzard Software have interfered with much of my spare time recently with my introduction into the world of Diablo II. I have a friend at work who plays this too and we’ve been slaughtering our way around for quite a few hours recently. I know it’s a bit sad, but fuck it, it’s addictive.

  1. You might like getting wet, but I prefer to remain dry thank you very much, cheeky sod 😉

    It’s black and inconspicuous. Either that or a mac, which I assume is an even bigger fashion faux-pas, not that I hold much stock in such preconceptions…

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