Meat is good

I like meat. Meat is tasty and is in no way contributing to any increased risk of cancer, hypertension or any other medical problems that may reduce my lifespan.

I ate a bacon and mushroom ciabatta for my breakfast, with sweet chilli and cheese. It was delicious and I don’t really give a shit if it’s bad for me. I’ll eat well for the rest of the day (maybe) to make up it. Bacon sarnies are bloody delicious and are my number one reason for never, ever turning veggie.

I’m designed to be an omnivore. I’m supposed to eat anything and everything, though not spring cabbage and runner beans because they’re disgusting. Or chicken soup because it makes me puke (purely psychosomatic I’m sure). My body expects me to eat meat and I’m more than willing to oblige at every available opportunity. I don’t mind accompanying my dead animal flesh with vegetables either, or even eating “free-range” animals that have been slaughtered “nicely”. As long as they’re dead and cooked and on my plate.


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