Matches don’t start fires, rappers do

Rather than blaming the recent French riots on lawless anarchists or disaffected immigrants, a French MP has come forward and cited seven Rappers as being key to the events leading up to France’s big bonfire event.

A French MP has publicly accused rappers of fuelling the country’s recent riots with their songs.

It comes a day after 200 politicians backed his petition calling for legal action against seven rap musicians and bands it alleges have incited racism.

MP Francois Grosdidier told France-Info radio it was no surprise youths “saw red” after listening to violent lyrics.

Naturally, the riots couldn’t have possibly been started due to France’s attitude to it’s immigrants, or even because the country is full of imbeciles with too much time on their hands and boxes full of matches. One scapegoat coming up s’il vous plait.

It’s astonishing that these people in charge are so detached from reality. Fine, some people are influenced by music culture into adopting a certain lifestyle or buying appalling clothes and jewellery but if you have three weeks of rioting all over your country then you’ve got more deep-rooted problems than some Rapper swearing and causing offence to delicate middle-classes.

Perhaps these MPs should be looking closer to home. Try examining your internal politics. Try finding out why people living in your country are so unhappy that they’re driven into lawlessness.

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