Maria Sharapova

So, the gorgeous Russian in the little white dress has won Wimbledon. It’s a shame that I was busy this afternoon as I would have liked to have watched that match and not just for the obvious reasons. She can really play tennis!

I saw one of her earlier matches against Hanchucova (probably spelled wrong that). She really impressed me with her play – such a lovely touch around the court (not a euphemism) and she played with such enthusiasm and aggression. After watching that game I thought she might have been in with a chance this year, and she proved that she has what it takes.

It also goes to show that not all these “pretty girl” tennis players in little dresses are rubbish on the court. Sharapova is a real talent and might prove to be one of the most successful female players of all time. Maybe. I thought the same about Martina Hingis and she fell by the wayside, however Sharapova seems to have the power to keep with the Williams sisters.

Her future is bright, and not just in the centre pages of newspapers.

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