Mandrake 10.1rc1 installed

Before I set off to work this afternoon I started off downloads of the iso images for Mandrake 10.1rc1, which I obtained from By the time I got home all three had finished (thank you NTL!) and it didn’t take me long to burn some CDs using K3b.

One reboot later and I’m upgrading Mandrake 10.0 on my new drive – 30 minutes after that and I’m done. Piece of piss.

It looks just as polished as 10.0, in fact it looks exactly the same. I’ve no idea what they’ve fixed with this release. Perhaps I should pay more attention.

If anyone is thinking of trying a Linux distribution I can heartily recommend giving Mandrake a go – it’s really easy to install and I think it’s the easiest to use and configure. Plenty of toys and applications come as standard and it has a large fan base.

Now, having said that it’s time to figure out why Mandrake Update doesn’t want to work…

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