Lunar Eclipse

Partial Eclipse

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This weekend saw the first total lunar eclipse for a couple of years. I’ve been wanting to photograph the moon for a while now and thought that this would be a really good chance to have a go.

Luckily the rain-clouds held off long enough for me to take plenty of photos, although not all came out as well as I’d have hoped.

The thing is, the moon is a bloody long way away! Even with my longest lens all the way out to 300mm it took up only a very small part of the photo. It’s also very bright, normally, although the eclipse helped to dim it down somewhat obviously. I had to use manual mode and experiment with exposures to get the right levels.

The fully-eclipsed moon was understandably exceptionally dimly lit. I found this particularly hard to capture because even at the widest aperture on my lens if I correctly exposed the moon continued along it’s orbit and became blurred.

Still, I got a few nice photos I think. My Canon 75-300mm f/4-5.6 USM lens is a little soft at it’s longest focal length so I had to learn how to do a bit of “unsharp masking” to improve them a little. I also had to crop into the photos quite a bit. I was quite pleased with the ones that I uploaded to Flickr. Click on the moon to see my photostream.

I’ll have another go soon I think. I may have to try and borrow a telescope or something.

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2 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse

  1. I know what you mean – I tried to take some pictures with varying sucess and I only had an equivilent 210mm lens. Still the advantage of a digital camera is that you can see what you are getting while the eclipse is still happening instead of several days later when the film came back!!!

    I would however have been able to concentrate better if I had put my shoes on before going outside!!

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