Linux installed – again!

I can’t help myself sometimes but I can’t help but fiddle with stuff. I wanted more space for the root partition on my Mandrake installation and I figured that I could probably steal some more from my Windows partition. Well, after deleting about 1GB of files, including many unused applications and a few “educational” videos and images, I discovered that I couldn’t resize that partition from within DiskDrake.

So, I decided that this was because my Linux installation was still there, so as I’d only just installed it anyway I figured it wouldn’t take long to reinstall it again, delete the present Linux partitions and resize the Windows partition from within the installation tools.

I was wrong – even after deleting the Linux partitions the Windows one refused to reduce by even 1KB. It’s wedged on 3.3GB (or thereabouts) even though there’s about 1.5GB of free space on there. Bugger.

So, I reinstalled Linux again, stealing a couple of hundred MB from the swap space (probably not really a good idea, but what the hell) and that went OK. THe soundcard worked fine first time (I’d left the webcam disconnected this time which I think was cocking it up last time), the mouse still refused to install the generic wheel mouse (piece of shit!) and I remembered to alter the colour depth to 16bit. Everything went on OK.

I’ve been wanting to rip some of my CDs so that I can get a decent playlist going from my PC, hence my need for space. I’ve managed to get enough space available in Linux now for a CD-worth of cached ripped tunes, and I’m ripping the CDs to the Windows partition. Should be enough space there for plenty of rockin’ tunes until I get my new hard-drive sorted out.

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