Links for February 12th

  • Appreciating evolution on Darwin’s 200th birthday

    Today marks the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth, and later this year will see the 150th anniversary of the publication of The Origin of Species.

  • Millions ‘opt for DIY dentistry’

    Millions of people in England have resorted to DIY dentistry, a survey by consumer magazine Which? suggests.

    The poll, of 2,631 adults, found 8% had tried to fix their own dental problems – and a similar number knew somebody who had tried.

    Of those who admitted trying the DIY approach, one in four had tried to pull out a tooth using pliers.

  • Charles Darwin: a Fulcrum Appreciation

    February 12th 2009 sees the bicentenary of Darwin’s birth. Along with Isaac Newton he was one of the greatest British scientists, though his science is still controversial. To some he was a great scientist and to others the devil incarnate!

    A religious perspective on the work of Charles Darwin

  • Russian and US satellites collide

    US and Russian communications satellites have collided in space in the first such reported accident.

    A satellite owned by the US company Iridium hit a defunct Russian satellite at high speed nearly 780km (485 miles) over Siberia on Tuesday, Nasa said.

  • ‘Heat the Hornet’ by Richard Dawkins

    How can you say that evolution is “true”? Isn’t that just your opinion, of no more value than anybody else’s? Isn’t every view entitled to equal “respect”? Maybe so where the issue is one of, say, musical taste or political judgement. But when it is a matter of scientific fact? Unfortunately, scientists do receive such relativistic protests when they dare to claim that something is factually true in the real world. Given the title of Jerry Coyne’s book, this is a distraction that I must deal with.

  • In pictures: Stamps honour Darwin

    A series of stamps is to go on sale commemorating the British scientist Charles Darwin, 150 years after the publication of his seminal work on evolutionary theory – On the Origin of the Species.

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