Links for April 1st

Angel star Hallett dies aged 33

Andy Hallett, a singer who gained fame portraying a green-skinned demon on the cult US TV series Angel, has died of congestive heart disease aged 33.

Hallett was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after having problems breathing and died there on Sunday, his agent said.

It follows a five-year battle with the heart condition.

One click from sectarianism

The recent shootings in Northern Ireland show, that in some cases, Catholics and Protestant sectarianism has continued, despite the Good Friday Agreement.

Dividing peace walls, unofficial Catholic or Protestant leisure centres, schools and even bus stops are some of the more visible signs of continued segregation and sectarianism.

Less visible are the multitude of web pages hosted by MySpace, Facebook and Bebo where young people openly brag about buying guns, the cost of ammo, setting up “cells” and going on night-time patrols.

Could my cell phone really bring down a plane?

American Airlines announced Tuesday that it will expand in-flight Wi-Fi Internet service to its entire fleet. The airline, along with Delta and Virgin America, started offering Wi-Fi on select planes in late 2008. In-flight calls, however, are still prohibited. If I can surf the Web, why can’t I use my cell?

Tor announces The Gathering Storm

Tor Books is proud to announce the November 3rd, 2009 on-sale date for The Gathering Storm, Book Twelve of The Wheel of Time and the first of three volumes that will make up A Memory of Light, the stunning conclusion to Robert Jordan’s beloved and bestselling fantasy series. A Memory of Light, partially written by Jordan and completed by Brandon Sanderson, will be released over a two-year period.

Authors have lost the plot in Amazon Kindle battle

The Amazon Kindle 2’s release in February was attended by much fanfare and controversy: Kindle customers were delighted to discover that Amazon had upgraded the Kindle’s feature-set so that it could use a credible text-to-speech synthesiser to read the books aloud.

This set off the Authors Guild (an organisation that is also on record as opposing making books searchable through Google, and making used books available through Amazon), who claimed that Amazon was in violation of copyright, since only the rightsholder could authorise an “audiobook adaptation” of a book.

As a point of law, I think that the Authors Guild is just wrong here

Good cop, bad cop, very bad cop

TV show The Wire portrays police, politicians and lawyers working on the wrong side of the law. It’s a break from the norm, says dramatist GF Newman, whose own attempt at showing all sides of the story in 1970s Britain caused uproar. But cop shows still have a long way to come.

I have the first two series of The Wire the watch. Really looking forward to that – along with several series of House, 24, Lost etc, etc, etc…

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