Lincoln Cathedral

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Lincolnshire. What do you think of when you hear Lincolnshire? Sausages? Extremely boring countryside? Inter-family sexual relationships? Tractors?

These are all (allegedly) factors in this lovely county but I will always remember Lincolnshire for two things. RAF Coningsby, the station that was my posting for nearly seven years, and Lincoln Cathedral.

Lincoln is great. There are very few hills anywhere in Lincolnshire and somebody decided to build a castle and a ruddy great Cathedral on the top of the biggest one, and thus Lincoln was born. The castle is nice, but the Cathedral is something entirely more impressive. It is absolutely huge – these Christians must have been loaded when they built these things.

We visited Lincoln on Sunday, just for something to do. My girlfriend had never been before and I thought that it would be worth a visit. More so than Skegness for certain. We had a wander around the Cathedral Quarter, had a lovely meal in an Italian restaurant and took a whole bunch of photographs.

It’s a bit out of the way, but definitely worth a visit. Just be patient when you inevitably get stuck behind a tractor.


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