Life changes – a style choice

For as long as I can remember I’ve kept my wallet and change in my right trouser pocket and my keys in my left. I’ve always had a big bunch (of keys) and as I seem to keep about 1 months-worth of receipts, I have a big fat wallet. Not much money in there though.

This didn’t leave much room, or even any, for a mobile phone thus leading to accusations of being a Sap after attaching it to my belt. It’s convenient there, but it’s apparently a style faux-pas akin to wearing a tank-top or white socks.

So, I’ve had a change round in the pocket department, and a long-needed one it was too. My keys these days are much reduced in number, so they’ve joined my wallet (devoid of wodges of receipts) into my right pocket and my mobile now slips snugly on it’s own into my left. If I arrange it just right it appears that I have a large, semi-erect member extending down my thigh, which is a nice side-effect.

I’m almost considering leaving the keys in my coat pocket where possible, but that would almost certainly mean that at some point I’d leave the house without them and be locked out for hours.

Oh, such difficult life choices. Next on the list is: shirts – do I tuck them in or leave them hanging outside my trousers?

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