Life begins at when?

Well, bugger me. You turn your back for a few minutes and life suddenly creeps on you and shouts “Happy 40th birthday, you old bastard!”

I was 40 back in June (not that I blogged about it, mind) and my lovely, lovely wife Jo spent a lot of time, effort and money in throwing me a surprise 40th birthday party last Saturday.

My sister, brother-in-law and nieces were over here from Canada and it was fantastic to be able to celebrate with them. My Dad and Stepmum were also there, along with various friends from work and band, plus (and this really did make my day) some good, good friends from way back.

My bestest mate ever was there. Chaz ( we were Chaz and Dave back in the day!) and his wife Andrea made it to the party. I’ve known Chaz since we were about six or so, and we went to all the same schools and lots of extremely geeky things in his parents attic. Happy days, and it was such a brilliant surprise to see him there.

There were also some good friends from back in my RAF days. Howie and Avril plus Elaine and her family – people I met in my early twenties and just love to bits. So pleased they could make it!

It was great to see my two sisters-in-law plus family too. For the first time we had all four nieces together in the same place! Two of them are called Hannah, which is rather confusing.

Anyway, I had an amazing time. I’m such a lucky fella to have a wife as amazing as Jo. By all accounts she had a stressful time arranging it all but she did a fantastic job and everyone had a lot of fun, especially my work friends who liked to boogie (yeah baby).

I had a great-looking cake too. It was shaped like the number 40 (just to reinforce my advancing decrepitation) and decorated with an iPhone and an iMac. I’m such a geek (though not as much as Chaz).

My fellow banders played a few jolly tunes when I arrived too. I love brass bands and I was chuffed to bits that they were there, especially when they played Hello Dolly – one of my favourite tracks. I do like to sing along you know.

Thanks to everyone that came. It’s not often that I have so much attention paid to me but I loved it. Just this once (although it’d be great to have another surprise party for my 50th…)

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