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Let it snow!

Fuck me it's still coldThe pic on the left was taken from my sister’s front porch yesterday afternoon. After some excruciatingly cold weather earlier in the week it warmed up sufficiently to deposit a healthy layer of snow on most of Canada, including Toronto.

Yesterday was a very odd day. It has snowed most of the day on Tuesday then we had freezing rain today – that’s where it’s still cold but rain falls and freezes immediately. This has caused the roads to be particularly treacherous and made the paths a nightmare. For some reason Ontario law dictates that every homeowner must clear the path outside their house, but trying to walk on a cleared then frozen path is life-threatening. It would have been much safer to walk on frozen snow.

We had some fun at the zoo on Tuesday, managing to avoid most of the snow before it started. It was very quiet and I wasn’t surprising to see so many exotic animals hiding in their enclosures. I’ll post some pictures of that if I have time over the next couple of days.

Shiny grassYesterday afternoon the snow cleared up and the sun came out, so I felt compelled to go for a walk and take some more pictures. The one on the left doesn’t really show it very well, but the grass is completely encased in ice, making it shine like gold. The big chimney behind is a huge incinerator where some of the household waste is taken to be toasted.

Today was chilly too – it was around -18 first thing then it warmed up to a toasty -8 or so. Christmas Day will be similarly cold, but we’ll still be enjoying a lovely layer of snow over everything. I just hope that Santa doesn’t slip on any of this ice that’s around, he’d hurt something considering his large girth.

  1. Hey Aine! Merry Christmas to you too. I’ve been very good this year, what with two little girls keeping an eye on me, but I do intend on indulging in some alcholic beverages later on today.

    Hope you’re having a lot of fun, I know I am. It’s been great to play with all the toys this morning!

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