It’s always good to come back to Leeds. It’s never for very long but always worthwhile – this time it’s just for the one night and I hope to see both my parents.

It’s my Mum’s birthday soon so I brought her a present from my sister from Canada. I’d packed it so that it’s was facing arse-up in the bag, considering that it was a mooning garden gnome with a big fat arse. She opened it while we were video conferencing with my sister over MSN/telephone (never could get the audio to work over MSN) and she was minted. This gnome will go with the other one in the garden called Shithead – it was called this due to an unfortunate accident concerning a bird and what came out of it’s bum.

This evening I’ve done my best to reduce my Mum’s Stella surplus from the Christmas festivities. I’ve had the five but thought it ill-advised to get too monged while staying with your mum, so I maintained a steady drinking theme tonight. I’ve got the buzz going but don’t feel the need for a kebab or a scrap outside a taxi rank.

Goodnight all, and to those spammers that still insist on attemting to leave comments on my site – FOAD thanks.

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