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It’s always nice to have a little fun with people that steal your bandwidth. They really do take a chance when linking to images on someone elses server for use on their own sites, or perhaps internet forums.

One dope on a forum devoted to some obscure American TV Station decided that he liked an image of mine as his avatar and directly linked to it. Naturally, I changed it to a suitably large, potentially offensive alternative.

Don't steal from me please

I could have done a lot worse, considering that I could have replaced it with “Tubgirl” or similar (don’t google for that by the way). There were a number of posters with religious signatures, I figured the image I supplied would give them something to discuss.

Next step – .htaccess redirects.

  1. It took them some time but they’ve finally removed it. The idiot even thought I’d hacked into his account to change the photo.

    I’ve now removed the two albums that were getting most of the hotlinking from public view.

  2. What is worse is that he blamed it on me. If it were me he was stealing bandwidth from, I’d have done far worse.

    There really need to be more people on those forums to counter the religious.

    I do hope he didn’t cost you too much in the way of bandwidth.

  3. I have a limit on how much I’m allowed to use each month. It’s quite generous and I won’t get anywhere near using it all up, but as I had nearly 300 hits from his use of that avatar I obviously couldn’t just let it lie.

    Much more fun to replace it with something vaguely offensive ;¬)

    I’m far too nice to do much worse though.

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