Leaving, on a jet plane

It’s sad when a holiday has to end, but even sadder when you have to say goodbye to your sister and nieces for what might be six months or more. I’ve had a fantastic time here in Toronto and I’ll be aiming to get back here again sometime soon, maybe May/June next year. We’ll see.

I’ve had a really nice last full day here. We took the girls over to Ontario Science Centre where I enjoyed some of the exhibits as much, if not more than the intended audience. There’s something satisfying about playing with science toys for kids.

There’s one exhibit there in the Sports section where you get to throw a baseball down this netted area and it measures how fast you throw it. I managed a magnificent 41 mph. There was a 14 year-old boy there that was getting 56 mph. This is why when I try to be a “fast” bowler at cricket people ask me if I’m a spinner. Did you see it turn?

Perhaps I should do some weights or something.

Anyway, time for bed. I have to wake up earlyish tomorrow to pack, then get down to the airport to catch my flight. I land at the inhuman time of 04:00 on Sunday morning too, just to make sure that I’m going to suffer most from the jetlag on the way back.

See you all on the other side.

  1. At that speed you should get a roster spot in the Yankees bullpen, couldn’t be much worse than the current middle relievers they have now.

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