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Last Jazz Night in The Cow, Beeston

Last Jazz Night in The Cow, Beeston

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Tesco’s are killing The Cow in Beeston, Nottingham. They’re having the old pub torn down and replaced by cheap petrol. The bastards!

Tonight was the last every night that The Cow would have it’s regular Jazz Night and I figured it would be a good opportunity to take some photos for one of the assignments for “Take a Class with Dave & Dave” – Teamwork/co-operation.

It takes a lot of teamwork to play music, and more-so with Jazz I think.

I took over 400 (!!!!) photos, most of which turned out crap. It was far too dark in there for me to do much without a flash and even my nifty fifty struggled at ISO1600. They’re all grainy, but I figured that one or two might look OK if I converted to some Fake Lomo effect using the GIMP. I loved this one! It even has the Cow in the background.

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