Lakeside, originally uploaded by rutty.


This is Highfield Park in Beeston – part of the grounds for Nottingham University.

We had dentist appointments this morning (all clear for both of us) and as the dentist is in the University grounds we decided to have cup of coffee and a slice of cake in Lakeside Café afterwards.

The grounds are really nice and it’s always worth a visit. We’ve had some lovely, brisk weather today and the lake was looking gorgeous. You can see the Trent building in the background.

I’ve used the Lo-mob application on my iPhone to add the effect on here. It’s another TtV affect that I wish I could reproduce properly but I don’t have the required camera. I must get one (whatever it is) because I love the rectangular shape.

I promise not to overdo this but there are so many effects I could do in-phone there could be a dirth of “proper” photos for a while…

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