Knees a-poppin’

I would like to publicly announce the following: I’m a bloody idiot.

I’m married to a nurse. Nurses know medically-related information about all sorts of afflictions and injuries. People should take notice of advice offered by said nurses.

Legs (by rutty)This is why I’m a bloody idiot. I have failed to take the advice of my own wife, a registered nurse, and decided to risk my well-being by taking part in a game of five-a-side football last night. As a surprise to no-one I succeeded in exacerbating my previous knee injury, and I’m now in the possession of a swollen, stiff patella.

It’s my own stupid fault and I apologise profusely to my lovely, brilliant wife for being such a bloody idiot. It seems that my knee on my left leg has too much play in the joint and cannot cope with quick turns or over-extension of the limb. I managed to twist it slightly earlier in the game by stopping quickly but after a quick rest in goal I came back out, found myself with a glorious opportunity in front of goal and attempted to kick the cover off the ball. My shot was saved and my left leg stretched too far and caused my knee to complain with a stab of pain. I fell over in a dramatic fashion, eventually hauling myself to my feet and playing in goal for the rest of the game.

I love playing football but it seems that my knee just cannot cope with the strain. It’s time to pack up my boots and try something more sedate, like darts or snooker or something.

In other fitness-related news it seems that my press-up challenge is going quite well. My arms, chest and parts of my back are immensely stiff after completing the first two parts of the first week, but I’ve gone from being able to do 36 press-ups (in five rounds) on Tuesday to doing 52 this morning. I fell short of the required amount in the last round (I was supposed to do at least ten but could only manage 7) but I’m pleased that I seem stronger already.

We’ll see how this goes, but I’m fairly confident that I’ll see an improvement on Saturday when I get to complete the first week.

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