Kieren the monk

Kieren the monk

Kieren the monk, originally uploaded by rutty.


Poor Kieren. He works a lot of night shifts and often feels sleepy during the day. We were at the in-laws today where my sister-in-law & her fiancé (Kieren) also turned up for Sunday lunch. Kieren had a little power-kip on the sofa & I just had to take a photo.

The applied effect, using Lo-mob on my iPhone, looks bloody weird but oddly good.

We were supposed to be having lunch at our house but it snowed overnight and my mother-in-law is disabled and can’t take the risk of walking in the snow, so we went to their house instead. We took all the pre-prepared veg and a large capon chicken with us and I did most of the cooking.

The chicken was lovely. It always pays to buy free-range from a farm shop – the meat is always tastier. There were giblets and so I made some proper gravy too, which was lovely with some red wine in there.

We ate at 1:30 and it’s now 7 hours later and I’m still not hungry. Lovely food, though.

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