Kernel Panic

Some of you may have read about my attempts at upgrading my PC. Well, having tried to flash my BIOS I’d eventually got the HD to at least be recognised as being there by stopping the head from spinning by using the jumper settings. Little did I know that this would have consequences for my Linux partition.

I tried booting into Linux last night and in the early parts of the boot it decided that it would chuck a little paddy and die. It performed OS Suicide due to this new disk. So, I spent a little longer looking into getting it configured properly without success. I did find an entry in the disk manual where it mentions the fact that some BIOSs may not support “Extended Interrupt 13” and that these machines wouldn’t be able to support disks over 8.4GB. That would be mine then, most probably, not that I can find anything out about that from the BIOS itself.

I’ll be scouring Google for information on this, but would appreciate some pointers if anyone knows anything about it. Thanks.

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