Jolly Hockey Sticks

The last few days have been spent mostly imbibing some of Canada’s best beers and eating my own body-weight in turkey. This has been great but doesn’t really give me much to blog about.

Luckily our lovely hosts decided to treat us to some Canadian culture – a visit to a hockey game! The Canucks were playing at home tonight but tickets were either hard to come by or hideously expensive. That left us with the Vancouver Giants, the rather successful Western Hockey League (junior) team.

Pacific Coliseum

It was a bit of a drive over to the Pacific Coliseum where they play but it was worth the trek across town. I’ve watched a couple of games before while visiting my sister in Toronto (go Leafs!) but this was my first live hockey game.


I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was amused by the rampant advertising at every available opportunity and appalled by the price of the beer ($6 for a small cup FFS!). It’s a really fast-moving game with sticks flying all over the place and testosterone-enabled hockey players intent on causing as many injuries as possible to the opposing team.


There were a couple of decent sets of fisticuffs and some really exciting play at times. The second period was a bit dull – the Giants quietened down after an aggressive start and their opposition (the Blazers) managed to get back into the game. However the final period sizzled and I even stopped taking photos for a while to watch what was going on.


I’m not sure that we’ll be able to see any more games before we head back but I’m glad that we went. It’s definitely worth ignoring the overpaid NHL prima-donnas to see the Junior league teams.

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