I should be fat

Jamie Oliver eat your heart out.

To my complete suprise I had the fortune to win (for the fourth time) the meat raffle in the Fox and Hounds pub last friday night. I always go there for a pint after band practice and the whole band buys tickets to win one of three meat-related prizes.

So far I’ve won the mixed grill once and the pork joint twice, so it was nice to be able to get the lamb this time. Lamb is one one of my favourite meats.

So, I roasted this leg of lamb on Sunday evening, then when it was one I made myself a delicious lamb pasta dish, complete with cherry tomatoes, red onion, garlic olive oil and some red chilli paste. It was bloody delicious.

It was so nice that I made some more for my lunch yesterday, which I ate at work seeing as I’m on the late shift this week. I’ll have to see about doing something different with the lamb (I have quite a bit left still) and I’m tempted to do some sort of lamb and bean casserole or a curry dish. Maybe both.

Hmmmm, food…..

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