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Something very strange happened to me just now. I was expecting a call from my Dad when my mobile rang. I have one of those fancy mobiles that allows me to take a photo of my contacts so that when they phone me I get to see their ugly mug, so it wasn’t a surprise to see my Dad’s picture staring at me. I answered and the conversation went a bit like this:

Me: Hello Dad.
American female: Oh God, don’t do this to me again.
Me: Eh? Who is this?
American female: It’s me! Fucker! *sigh*
Me: Eh?

Then she sighed again, muttered something unintelligable and cut me off. I stared at the phone for a few seconds wondering what the hell at that was about. I continued what I was doing for a bit when three minutes later my “Dad” phones again.

Except this time it really was him. It’s just as well I didn’t answer with “What the fuck are you doing with my Dad’s phone you bitch?!” or something. He really had phoned me before, said hello, heard me say hello then everything went dead.

Very strange. The more advanced these communications networks get the more they try and make them more efficient, but there’s also more to go wrong. No doubt something got a bit confused down at BT central.

Mind you, it’s good to talk.

  1. The Global Telecommunications Network has become self aware, some of it’s mental functions cause random cross connections – as any fule kno.
    I must go now, I can hear Them coming…..

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