So, Michael Jackson has been acquited of all charges related to his various activities with small boys at his Neverland ranch. That’s nice.

So, would any right-minded parent allow their child to go visit him now? He’s been found to be innocent by a jury of 12 people, fair and square. The fact that there was insufficient evidence to convict him, rather than any substantial evidence to support him, won’t be persuading too many people that he isn’t a kiddy fiddler after all.

Personally I couldn’t give a monkey’s what he gets up to. He’s just one freak show that goes on and on and never gets cancelled, even when it’s initial genious has waned. Please, just disappear into obscurity so I don’t have to constantly see your ugly, “enhanced” face on the TV.

Don’t be inviting any more kids back for games. Stick to blowing bubbles.

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