Images of the Millenium

The 2006 Area competition is going to be a very interesting affair. The piece chosen for our section, Images of the Millenium by Howard Snell, is going to prove to be a hell of a test for any band. There’s going to have to be a hell of a lot of work needed to produce the winning performance of this piece.

We played it through last night. The solo cornet part is split so that even though I’m sat on the third chair down Mr Snell has deemed it necessary for me to be screaming up to a top D on one occasion along with a smattering of high Cs. Daunting as it may be I’m going to find the challenge really satisfying. It’s a real players’ piece – loads of fantastically challenging parts for everyone on the band – and I think that the audience will find plenty to enjoy in the musicallity of it too, though it’s hardly going to appeal to the Floral Dance Brigade.

Roll on March 12th!

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