I’m sick

I’m not well, and not in the potential commital sense. I’m almost convinced that I’ve caught some lurgy from my nieces, but there’s always the chance that I got this from my new housemates before I left last week.

Yesterday I had a bit of a sore throat then when I went to bed it felt quite bad. I couldn’t sleep much due to it hurting when I swallowed but other than that I didn’t feel ill as such.

Today I’ve gone from the dashing tenor of my normal voice to the abrasive bass of Lee Marvin if he tried talking down an octave after gargling glass shards. My neck feels swollen and I’m starting to develop some phlegm, which is nice. I still don’t feel particularly ill but I suspect that tomorrow may bring other symptoms.

My sister’s medicine cabinet didn’t help last night – Calpol for small children wouldn’t have done me much good – but Julie as been to get me some linctus from the store, along with some Strepsil-like lozanges. This cough mixture is the most disgusting thing that I’ve ever tasted, and I’ve eaten liver and onions. It’s absolutely foul, but seems to be working. I’ve also taken some industrial strength headache medication (you can buy some outstanding drugs over the counter in Canada!) so I’m hoping that I feel better tomorrow.

My bad throat didn’t stop me enjoying the Zoo today though. We had a lovely time looking at caged animals and eating burgers with everything. I’ve taken even more pictures which are now installed in the Gallery.

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