Musical Notes

I’m only happy when it rains

I spent most of today dodging downpours, as my band Carlton Brass took part in an entertainments contest at the Dukeries Garden Centre near to Worksop.

It’s a lovely place, but the organisers didn’t order the right weather. It absolutely pissed it down intermittently over the day and the good Lord saved the best shower for when we were playing. I’ve not seen rain like that in ages! It’s just as well that we were covered by a marquee, a somewhat leaky marquee.

Still, we ended up winning the contest despite the intervention of the weather. We played quite well although I’m surprised that the adjudicator could hear some of the quieter playing due to the noise from the rain pounding on his little tent!

I had an enjoyable day there and hope to go back next year to defend our title.

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