I’m not trustworthy

Apparently, my own comments on my own site are now considered to be Spamworthy. I just replied to an entry and it got junked – my site back-end gave me this reason:

domain ‘davidrutt.me.uk’ found on service blue-search.net

So, either it’s having a bit of a brain-fart or my site has accidentally ended up on the list of spam-sites that Movable Type checks before approving comments. Great. Oddly enough, the previous commenter’s site also came up with the same thing, although other factors gave his comment a neutral score and it was approved.


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By rutty

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  1. Sarah – apparently you’re just as trustworthy as I am, according to Spamlookup ;¬)

    Dave – thanks bud, didn’t realise that. I’ve deleted it from the lookup service. Should be better now. I’ve been with Movable Type too long to be changing to WordPress ;¬)

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