I’m an artist, me.

The Northern Irish Coast

Originally uploaded by rutty.

I wish that I was any good at painting. Rather than spending endless hundreds of pounds on those average-looking canvasses that you see for sale in these trendy shops I could just paint my own.

If I was any good at it, that is.

The thing is, is that I could be. I could do something just as good as these large, acrylic paintings of famous people or random squiggles of colour. I could do that, I could draw at school. I was just too lazy to really spend any time practising.

So, instead I’ve spent about ten minutes making images like the one on the right. I’ve cheated and used the GIMP to alter a photo that I took of a beautiful part of Northern Ireland. I’m also a cheapskate, so using free, Open Source software really appeals to me.

I really like that picture too. I might get it printed out and stuck on the wall somewhere. It’ll save me buying some crappy print from Athena or something, and I can pretend that I spent hours creating it.

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