I’m a Daddy!

Last Thursday a rather amazing thing happened to Jo & me: we had a baby girl!Look what we made!

She’s called Ruby Elizabeth and she was a hefty 9lbs on the scales when she arrived. She was 9 days late and poor Jo had to put up with quite the protracted labour – contractions started on Sunday and she didn’t arrive for another five days. It must have been particularly comfy in Jo’s uterus.

Forceps were needed to get her out in the end (big head, big head, big head) and she was a little bruised from the experience but she’s home and sleeping and feeding beautifully.

I can’t praise the staff at the QMC enough. We were there so long that we saw five different midwives (who were all lovely) and several different doctors. We were given the right advice and encouragement all the way through what turned out to be a difficult and tiring labour. Thank you QMC labour suite!

All the discomfort (putting it mildly!) and sleep deprivation last week have all been worth it. Ruby is a little delight and we’re so looking forward to bringing her up.

I managed to update Facebook and Twitter last week but it’s taken a while to get ’round to my blog. It’s easier and quicker to send updates to those two places but I’ll endeavour to regularly update here too.

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