Identify yourself

I’ve been fiddling again. Not with myself but with the installation of this blog. I noticed a news item from Movable Type – they show current news entries in the blog dashboard – and this mentioned the ability to comment on MT4 blogs using an OpenID. When you wish to comment all you have to do is log in with whatever OpenID you’ve created.

I’d enabled OpenID logins a little while ago, once I’d upgraded to version 4. I created an OpenID and attempted to log in, but it failed. No idea why. I’m too lazy to find out, but I’ll keep installing MT updates when they arrive and hope for the best. I have tested the ability to log in with your Vox account, and this works fine so feel free to use that.

They also mentioned a plugin that enables people with a WordPress account to comment with that. I installed it and tried to comment with that but discovered that my comments were being rejected. I figured this was due to the No Harvester plugin and so I disabled and that and I was then able to comment. This is a real shame, because that plugin had left my blog unsullied by spam for 24 hours. Still, the other anti-spam plugins are doing a good job at the moment.

I attempted to change my blog style again and failed miserably. I’m not sure what’s going on there but I think I’m going to have to delete all the other themes (apart from this one) and re-upload them. I’m also having a problem where I’m not seeing any of the blog statistics in the nice flash panel on my dashboard. I’ve Googled about and found nothing about that issue, so I’m assuming I’ve messed that up too!

MT4 is looking pretty good so far though. I’m generally very impressed with the new backend and it’s made a number of things easier to do, even if they have buggered up my old templates.

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